Growing Concern

Although this blog has touched on Climate Change before, the weather in recent months has done much to showcase just how drastic global warming and climate change are to our society. During the month of December, Oklahoma saw record-breaking high temperatures (5 degrees warmer than ever before). This type of weather was further influenced by a profound lack of precipitation, which when combined with the unusual warmth, brought both coverage and intensity at speeds often seen during the summer months. Oklahoma is also a good place to view the drastic changes as so much seems to occur within our area. A good example of this is the winter storm we had and the drastic changes the next week.

One of the most devastating things has been seeing the reports generated by organizations such as NASA. For example, NASA states that there has been a 13% per decade decrease (since 1979) of the Arctic Sea ice extent (NASA). The impacts of this are increasing each year as more ice melts and the years grow increasingly warm. It is disheartening that so much of this is occurring rapidly over the years but close to no attention is brought to it as we tend to focus on other news. This is even more impacting when there is much discussion over the “inexistence” of climate change when so much has already occurred. The oceans rising, ice melting, and fires increasing are only a couple of the signs for us to make a difference before things continue to get worse.

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