A Needed Return to Home

The weight of a long semester and the irregularity of my weekly schedule prevented me from spending as much time as possible with HASA and those within it. Although I was able to attend some of the events they hosted throughout the semester and I saw some of those within the organization, there weren’t that many opportunities for me to attend the meetings this semester. It was a huge bummer and something that I regularly thought about whenever their announcements about the meetings would be posted on Instagram and by those I know but I also knew that I would be warmly welcomed back whenever I could attend. This was a thought that helped me a lot throughout the semester alongside the small but meaningful interactions I had with other members during their events or throughout locations on campus.

Today I was finally able to go to the general body meeting and it could not have come at a more necessary time. The topic for this meeting was mental health and discussions over self-care. It was a huge relief to see that it would be a more relaxed meeting and they were serving my favorite pastry – conchas! We spent the beginning of the meeting catching up, getting conchas, and mingling with new individuals. The main portion of the meeting was spent with some really helpful breathing techniques, discussions over things that help us, and a cool writing task that allowed us to further understand ourselves and what we need during the school year! I truly enjoyed getting to see everyone and hear more about ways to invest more into myself through the help and support of HASA. Every semester I look forward to the events they host, the community they bring, and the love and support they invest into all Hispanic American students on campus 🙂

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