Eve of Nations

I was so honored to have the opportunity to see the Eve of Nations once before my graduation from the University of Oklahoma! I had heard so much about this event and its impact over the last two years and I was excited to finally see all the performances.

My friend and I were so surprised to see the show start with a somewhat type of fashion show combined with traditional dance before the official group performances. The beautiful colors, styles, and movements reminded me of just how diverse and unique each area of the world truly is. While I had seen some of the traditional wear before, I was introduced to so many more tonight!

The performances were beautiful!! All throughout the event, I was reminded that this is how diverse Norman can be! I especially loved getting to see the mixing of cultures to produce incredible performances such as the one done by the Afrobeats club and their introduction with Bollywood music and dancing!

I cannot wait to see what Eve of Nations will bring next year!

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