International Pageant 2022

This week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the International Pageant hosted by the International Advisory Committee! It was an eventful, joyful, and exciting program that allowed the audience to become aware of some of the cultures represented on campus through some incredible leaders. The pageant’s purpose is to elect two new Faces of OU International who then promote platforms across campus to create further unity in the international community.

This year there were seven contestants across six different countries and seven amazing platforms. I loved getting to see and hear all the variations in cultural expression as well as how passionate each candidate was for their platform and the unity of the international community at OU. It was also very incredible to see how they had various ways to speak to the audience through different topics and the dance session at the end when totaling votes! I could not have been more grateful for the opportunity to see what is yet to come in the international community on campus and know that I will be leaving a campus set on creating inclusivity.

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