Internship x Italy Week

Talking to students about Italy is a conversation I always love to have, especially when it comes to talking about the opportunities offered abroad. As a first-generation and low-income student, I never saw studying abroad as a viable option. However, through incredible opportunities such as the Global Engagement Fellowship and the support of amazing donors, I was able to not only study abroad twice but also partake in two internships! They were both experiences that I would never trade for the world and this semester I had the opportunity to speak more about them to students who are planning to also travel to Italy. I was beyond honored to have been asked to support OUA and Italy Week although I was a little nervous that I would not be able to answer all the questions that the students might have had. Nonetheless, I always seek out ways to help other students complete their study abroad dream because I understand the complexities and fears that can arise from this sort of experience.

The session in itself was super cool to be at! There were a lot more students than I had expected and I was definitely nervous but I loved seeing how excited everyone was to have a study abroad experience. After answering some questions, giving my perspective, and spending time there, I left feeling incredibly accomplished. I look forward to continuing to provide support to OU students to come as I complete my last year here at OU 🙂

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