Last Semester at OU

This semester is almost to a close and all I can think about is how drastically the cultural communities on campus have impacted my growth while at the University of Oklahoma. I have met people through HASA, continued conversations about imposter syndrome with multicultural organizations, experienced diverse cultural communities through international events, and dedicated effort and time to investing in the future for diversity and inclusion efforts and local protests.

HASA, AASA, OU Baccano, OUMGC, OU International Advisory Committee, and so many others have really expanded my understanding of cultural expression and identity in unique and uniting ways. The student leaders I have encountered, events I have attended, and foods I have eaten will continue to guide my progression into diversity and inclusion efforts beyond graduation. As a Human Relations major with minors in Nonprofit Organizational Studies, and Italian, I have a wide reach into how I can utilize my experiences in the workplace. I cannot express how thankful I am that despite attending a PWI, I have found a place to feel at home through these wonderful organizations and events on campus!

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