Mi Familia Internacional

As we wrap up the end of the semester, I cannot help but reminisce on the incredible friends I have made through the Hispanic American Student Association (HASA). Many of them I continue to grow close to through other organizations on campus as well. There is something so comforting in knowing that there are other students on campus that hold similar home and academic experiences!

We had our last meeting for the semester this past week with a discussion on mental health and a few key tips on how to support our friends and ourselves. Although this has been a semester unlike any other, I still felt incredibly safe and connected to some of the extraordinary Hispanic students at the University of Oklahoma through this organization. Every year I come back to campus knowing that I and other Hispanic students at HASA will discuss topics many students on campus will often ignore. In addition to these sort of conversations this semester, it was so helpful to hear about graduate school and its complexities, celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, talk about Day of the Dead, and discuss the voting process. HASA is one of the ways that I am able to engage with my culture and learn more about the other incredible Hispanic students at OU. I also love learning more about the differences and similarities between our food and language. Although I wish this semester would have gone differently, I am so appreciative of the various virtual opportunities HASA held and their constant reminders that they would always be there to support us. I know that I have a family away from home at the University of Oklahoma!

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