OU IAC 2021 International Festival

This year, I and several hundred other OU students had the opportunity and honor to attend the OU IAC International Festival! It was the first event that I had seen so many incredible performances, food, and people in quite some time. It was truly inspiring to once again be surrounded by such diverse culture in a welcoming and embracing environment!

I also had the absolute privilege of boothing at this event as my first event as a member of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated! This meant that I was able to show up at the South Oval a little earlier than the other students in order to set up. This also allowed me to see some of the setting up of other booths and what they would be doing throughout the festival. One booth that stuck out to me especially was the Bosnian booth with the fortune-telling! I was super bummed that I was unable to get mine read as I had to stay at the booth for the majority of the time, but one of my Sisters was able to and was telling me about how incredibly accurate it was!

I was always in awe of the sheer size (with COVID regulations!) and impact the event was able to hold. The International Festival was truly a necessary day to celebrate the diversity and talents of OU Students while providing other students, faculty, staff, and community with an opportunity to engage with and learn from these extraordinary individuals! Seeing some of my friends in their cultural wear, engaging with students, watching the performances, and eating the various sorts of food were just some of the most gratifying moments of that day! I cannot wait to see what is yet to come in next year’s festival and I’m looking forward to working with OU IAC in any way possible!

My Sisters and I at the OU IAC International Festival!

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