OUA Alumni Live Chat – Italy Week 2020

This Spring, I had the incredible opportunity of studying abroad in Arezzo, Italy through the University of Oklahoma in Arezzo (OUA) program. This also meant that I was able to meet and work with a lot of the OUA faculty and staff as a Community Assistant! (You can read about a couple of my experiences in Italy in posts from earlier this year, including my amazing internship at Oxfam Italia and my little Italy trips before COVID-19)! This Italy Week, I was asked by Leanna Payton, the Center Coordinator, to speak a little bit about Housing and Food at the Rooney Family Center (RFC)! I was honestly terrified a first because I have never been confident at public speaking, but I knew how much impact an alumni’s perspective could have on prospective students. I was able to discuss the housing options, the range of meals we are offered, what the Community Assistant position was like, my favorite meal voucher locations, and the amazing study spaces the RFC held! It was also incredible to hear from a couple of the other OUA alumni and their stories and experiences from Arezzo. There was even another student that spoke on the internship I also had the honor of working with this past Spring! The whole Instagram Live video truly made me reminisce on my OUA experiences and the amazing friends, faculty, and staff I met. I hope that the information I shared over that Instagram live helped other students get to know a little more about OUA and the Rooney Family Center in ways they might not have heard of before! The nerves and prepping for the video were overwhelming at first, but I am so happy that I was able to help, even if it was in a small way. I cannot express how much I miss Arezzo and how much I wish everyone has the opportunity to visit at least once!

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