Pasta Making with Lucio and Leanna – Italy Week 2020

On the first day of Italy Week 2020, I and several other University of Oklahoma students hopped on Instagram Live for an incredible pasta making class with Lucio and Leanna. Nothing made me happier than knowing that I would be able to almost recreate the Pasta Making Class OU in Arezzo had set for us at home. It was a nice afternoon session where I was able to relearn some of what I had learned and once again try to make pasta without failing, haha! This session was also a lot more expansive as I was able to watch Lucio utilize different ingredients to make two sauces, one for those who are vegetarian (tomato sauce) and one that uses meat (carbonara)! I was especially pleased to see how Lucio provided some substitutes when it came to ingredients that we might typically see in the United States.

I knew that once I had seen the flyer for this week, I would need to attend some of these sessions as a way to see the incredible familiar faces of OUA, to learn a little more of some information I missed by leaving Arezzo early, and to work on my cooking! It was also so nice to see a lot of the other OUA Spring 2020 students in the chat and to engage with them since we have not been able to really meet up because of social distancing.

Here’s to more OUA Instagram Live moments and ways to connect with Italy even from Oklahoma!

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