Tiramisù con Serafina e OU Baccano!

Today I had the absolute pleasure of learning how to make tiramisù as well as discover a little more about its history through the OU Baccano Club! Although we were unable to meet in person for this event, it was incredibly interesting to hear the stories and learn the recipes that Serafina was willing to share with us.

She began by talking about how tiramisu was inspired by a tonic given to pregnant women and how the history behind this dessert is filled with battles over who originally came up with the recipe! After some of this brief information, Serafina then began to share the recipe with us while informing us that this basic dessert holds a lot of variations, especially between the north and south. The recipe Serafina shared is as follows

  • uova (eggs – yolk and whites separated!)
  • mascarpone
  • savoiardi (ladyfingers)
  • zucchero (sugar)
  • caffè (coffee)
  • cacao amaro (cocoa powder)

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the exact measurements as I was having wifi issues but I will be asking for them soon! Hopefully, I can update this whenever I receive it!! Overall, its a pretty basic recipe with accessible ingredients! Serafina was also kind enough to tell us that Trader Joe’s has the best mascarpone to use and spent the rest of the zoom sharing tips and stories with us as her daughter made the tiramisù for us to see the process.

Here are a few of the tips Serafina shared,

  • leave the eggs out for a little so they’re not super cold whenever you are preparing the tiramisù
  • beat the yolk and sugar super well to get the best results! You almost want them to be white!
  • mixing is truly the key for this recipe’s success
  • the coffee shouldn’t be too hot because it can dissolve the cookies!
  • do NOT let the cookies soak for too long! This will make them soft and unworkable

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn how to make this recipe and share this experience with the other OU Baccano members! OU Baccano really did all they could this semester to ensure that we were having experiences together where we could learn more about the Italian culture and just have fun! I will forever cherish the movie nights, tiramisù making, and the kahoots!

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